The Discreet Garden

A little jewel case of greenery is hidden in the heart of the castle …

An intimate and well-hidden place

Here we are in the castle’s backyard. This enclosed, protected space between the various buildings reveals the Discreet Garden, which cannot be seen from any other angle.

Bordered to the north by the chapel and to the south by the orangery, this long-ignored space plunges us into an intimate and cosy atmosphere.

This tranquil setting, designed with Henri Carvallo, owner of the famous Villandry gardens, invites you to contemplate and relax. If you’re coming along, make sure you have a good time!

Flowers and herbs

One of the diagonals of the garden is made up of two French borders, which pay homage to the “jardin des simples”. This is an area where medicinal, aromatic and dye plants flourish. You’ll find mint, thyme, lavender and more…

On the other diagonal, there are two English-style garden areas, with flowers adapted to the sunshine, which varies greatly due to the height of the buildings.

At the foot of the south-facing wall, fruit trees take pride of place, with pear, apple and apricot trees grown without treatment. They are a delight for our guests.

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Photos : JL Garnier, ADT Touraine JC Coutant

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