The Old Castle and the Tower

From the ancient wooden fortress (no longer standing) to the ramparts and machicolations, discover the remains of the medieval era at Chateau de Gizeux.

The remnants of the medieval era.

Records show the existence of a wooden fortress in the 11th century on the site of today’s castle, surrounded by a huge forest in which people hunted.

An amusing anecdote: in the 11th century, the lord of Gizeux sold his dykes on the Loire to the monks of Bourgueil Abbey, who signed the deed of sale in beautiful calligraphy, while the lord and his vassals just scribbled crosses as signatures!

Unfortunately, the wooden fortress has completely disappeared. The oldest buildings we can still see today are the entrance tower, the right wing and the crenellated enclosure.

Dated precisely to 1334, these three buildings are remnants of the medieval era.

Emblematic architecture

During the visit, children will be delighted to hear the words “machicolation”, “battlements” and “loophole” ring out, and to understand the etymology of these names!

Although the interiors of the entrance tower and the right wing are not accessible to the public (for security reasons), the presence of these buildings is an excellent opportunity to observe the architectural changes that took place between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

And if you’re wondering why the windows of the old castle were walled up, you’ll find the answer on our guided historical tour

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