The du Bellay family

The du Bellay family lived in Gizeux for over three centuries, leaving their mark on the village and the château.

A family home through the centuries

The du Bellay family, relatives of the famous Anjou poet Joachim du Bellay, lived at Château de Gizeux for almost 350 years. We owe this family the main building (the central part of the castle in a U-shape, typical of Renaissance architecture in the Loire Valley).

The du Bellays settled here in the early 14th century and lived here until 1661. Réné du Bellay and his wife, Princess Marie d’Yvetot, gave the château all its splendour by having it entirely decorated by Italian painters. The Galerie Francois The 1st bears witness to this era.

Remarkable tombstones

Their son, Martin du Bellay, had the village church built in 1608.

He asked Simon Guillain known as de Cambrai, then director of the Royal Academy of Sculpture in Paris, to create the tombs of his parents, his wife and himself.

The sculptor adorned them with 4 magnificent white marble “orants” (statues praying on their knees) that are well worth seeing.

The church is open every day, so don’t hesitate to go and admire them after your visit to the Château!

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Photos : JL Garnier, photo club of Esvres sur Indre, ADT Touraine JC Coutant

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