What about today? How is the Château pursuing its history?

For the first time, the château is opened to visitors! More and more visitors will be helping to preserve it.

An artistic company comes every summer for seven years to create and perform shows. Gizeux is gradually emerging from oblivion.

A new generation is taking over! Géraud and Stéphanie de Laffon have devoted themselves tirelessly to the château. They are bursting with ideas to make the Château de Gizeux a lively, forward-looking place.

To share in the “life of a château”, they decided to create 4 guest rooms and a 130m² apartment-gîte. A new adventure begins!

A violent fire destroyed the small commons. Nearly a hundred volunteers are taking part in the clearance work and are asking “when will there be training camps?”

The first online sponsorship campaign is a huge success! The restoration of the Galerie des Châteaux du Roy is well under way.

The restoration of the Galerie des Châteaux du Roy is now complete! Our next objective is to renovate the Château’s chapel… Visit our “Become a patron” page for more information!

History is built day by day, in a spirit of openness to others, because without you, visitors or passing guests, the Château de Gizeux would lose its meaning.

You too can play your part in the history of Gizeux by visiting this unique venue!

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Photos : F Decamp, D Darrault, MG de Saint Venant, ADT Touraine JC Coutant

Château de Gizeux

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The château is closed for the winter.


Our guest rooms remain open until the end of November.