Anne de Frézeau

Anne de Frézeau was responsible for a number of remarkable decorations at the château …

A privileged place for education

The du Bellays had lived high on the hog and, ruined, had to sell Gizeux after a few incidents.

It was Anne de Frézeau de La Frézolière, Countess of La Roche Millay, who acquired it in 1661. Having lived at Court for many years, she surrounded herself with painters, musicians and men of letters to maintain a cultural life in her home.

Gizeux thus became an artistic and intellectual place, which she saw as contributing to the education of her only son.

The treasure of Gizeux

In this spirit, Anne de Frézeau hosted a painting school. The students practised their skills there from 1680 to 1685 and, under the eye and guidance of their master, created the treasure of Gizeux: the Galerie des Châteaux du Roy (the Gallery of the King’s Châteaux).

You can admire the oldest depiction of Gizeux as well as views of the four greatest royal châteaux: Chambord, Vincennes, Versailles and Fontainebleau. Charming country scenes adorn the gallery walls on either side. The technical progress of the students, aged between 15 and 20 at the time, can be seen in this way. This superb masterpiece is recognised as unique in France by the Monuments Historiques association.

A few years ago, the condition of the paintings in this gallery was very worrying: they had deteriorated badly over the years due to damp and the presence of fungus. In order to preserve this masterpiece, which is unique in France, we have appealed to the public to help us. More than 450 people support the Château de Gizeux, and in just six years have enabled the complete restoration of this treasure, between 2013 and 2019.

You can find out more on our “Become a patron” page.

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