Activities for children

While parents follow a visit “for grownups”, children can also get to explore the castle and its secrets in a fun way!

The dressed up tour

Imagine the château de Gizeux during the Middle-Ages or the Renaissance period… It’s not easy, especially when you’re between 4 and 12 years old!
To help children discover the château’s history, we propose to make the past come alive thanks to costumes at their disposal. They slip into the skins of princesses and knights who once lived there.
Once familiarized with their “new life”, children discover with more interest the château’s history. They experiment old customs and traditions, they relive the discovery of the Francis 1st gallery and imagine themselves cooking on the ancient stove of the old kitchen…
Duration: 1h
Every day during French school holidays (Easter, summer and “Toussaint”)
Price: included in the entrance ticket (Children ticket : 4.50€)

In French Only
Booking advised


Monday through Friday at 4.30pm
– During French school holidays (Easter, summer and “Toussaint”)
Thematic workshops are offered to children to help them discover the Chateau de Gizeux in a different way.

On Monday: “Gardening” workshop

Children discover what gardens are used for, how to maintain them, and what are the environmental and friendly ways to do it. Afterwards, they are invited to have a hads-on experience by sowing seeds in the garden to leave a beautiful trace of their time at the castle.

On Tuesday: “Tale and Taste” workshop
Come to discover the tale “Marion et la vie qui bat”, from Roxanne Turcotte. This tale, inspired from the château’s grand mother, explains to the children the differencies between Court and Poultry-yard and delights their ears with animals coming to life and girls living funny stories…
At the end of the story, a snack will be offered to the children.

On Wedneday AND Thursday: “Bread baking” workshop
Built during the 18th century, the bread oven was big enough to feed the hundred of people living in this vast estate.
Now back in working order, the oven is back to life to show you the different stages of bread making.

On Fridays: “Coat of arms” workshop
Introduced on the battlefields during the 12th century, coat of arms quickly became popular in medieval Europe. Discover the functions of heraldry in a feudal society and its remaining stakes in noawday’s society. Learn how to work out and how to understand the colour and objects symbolised. Produce your own coat of arms using your artistic skills.

Price for one workshop: 3,50€ / child
In French Only
Booking advised

The treasure hunt

The treasure hunt takes place in the Mysterious Forest rom April 1st to November 6th.
Throughout the season, a treasure hunt is available!

Equipped with a backpack, the children leave as a family to complete tests enabling them to find the clues leading to the treasure!

The Gizeux painting master has lost all his equipment! It has been scattered in the park by careless pupils… Without his tools, he will not be able to finish painting the great Gallery of the King’s Castles! Anne de Frézeau, the owner of the castle, has promised a treasure to all those who help him. Follow the coloured flags to collect all the tools, discover the code and open the treasure chest!

This adventure takes place in the park of the castle.

On Mistipouf’s footsteps…

Look for our cat Mistipouf during a familial and playful investigation, which will please children and grown-ups ! Discover the main components of the Castle, following the cat’s paws which will lead you to hints hidden in vases, boxes or even in the caves.
A game adressed to children from 4 to 12 years old, with different levels so that each one can make the best of this investigation !
« On Mistipouf’s footsteps », any day, any time !
Instructions are given at the reception. Included in the ticket’s price.
In French and English.

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