School visits

Year-round, the Château de Gizeux welcomes you for an afternoon or a full day experience with educational workshops linked to the school curriculum and your expectations. It is offered only in French.
Please, contact us to make your booking.

The costumed guided tour

Travel through History with the costumed guided tour.

Discover the remnants of the medieval castle, the habits and customs of a noble’s life. Immerse yourself completely in the life of knights and princesses by wearing costumes and behaving as a valiant knight or a pretty princess.

Gardening on Mondays

CIn the heart of the Secret Garden, children discover what gardens are used for, how to maintain them, and what are the environmental and friendly ways to do it. Afterwards, they are invited to have a hads-on experience by sowing seeds in the garden to leave a beautiful trace of their time at the castle.
Finally the children will have a hand-on experience as they will sow flower seeds and repot their own plant to take home.

Tale and Taste on Tuesdays

Come to discover the tale “Marion et la vie qui bat”, from Roxanne Turcotte. This tale, inspired from the château’s grand mother, explains to the children the differencies between Court and Poultry-yard and delights their ears with animals coming to life and girls living funny stories…
At the end of the story, a snack will be offered to the children.Contenu de la cellule droite du paragraphe

The bread baking on Wednesdays and Thursdays

Come and discover the château’s baker’s world.

Built in the 18th century, the bread oven was big enough to feed the hundred of people living on this large estate.

Now back in working order, the oven is back to life to show you the different stages of bread making.

The coat of arms on Fridays

Pierce the mystery of heraldry!

Introduced on the battlefields during the 12th century, coat of arms quickly became popular in medieval Europe. Discover the functions of heraldry in a feudal society and its remaining stakes in noawday’s society. Learn how to work out and how to understand the colour and objects symbolised.
Produce your own coat of arms using your artistic skills.

Our Prices

Number of children* WorkshopsPrices
 1 workshop 4€50
 2 workshops 9€00
 3 workshops12€00
 4 workshops15€00
*4 to 18 years old  **booking required

Accompanying staff and bus drivers : free

The “extras”:

For lunch:

–    In case of bad weather, a sheltered area will be at your disposal.
–    On good weather days, the grove and a picnic area are available.

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